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In the digital world of social media, smartphones and online advertising, the era of paper seems all but over. But as we’re exposed to more and more technology, traditional means of marketing and promotion are becoming all the more poignant.

The same can be said for business cards. Few things say “I’m a professional!” better than a well-designed business card. They’re also a fantastic segue into a conversation – hopefully about what you can offer professionally! Whether you’re just starting out or you’re a seasoned veteran, a business card is vital. That’s why, at Full Bundle, we’ve designed a variety of free business card templates to help you get a foot ahead of the competition. Check it out!

The Screwdriver

Free Business Card Template

It's... Eye-catching. Simple. Colourful.

Great For Photographers, Designers, Advertisers, Brick-And-Mortar Businesses

This business card is sure to leave those in your wake gobsmacked. An all-yellow front into a nicely-contrasting grey back for your most important contact information – with contrasting fonts to boot. While this card is eye-catching, it’s slick and simple enough for most professionals. However, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to pull this off if you’re anything straighter or squarer than an accountant!

Free Business Card Template

Blue Ocean

Free Business Card Template

It's... Bold. Clear. Modern.

Great For Social Media Managers, Advertisers, Marketers, Entrepreneurs

With punchy, contrasting fonts and light-blues reminiscent of social media (perhaps Facebook), this contemporary card is fantastic for those working in communications or online media. However, its flexible enough to work well for most purposes (unless you’re in law, medicine, or accounting!).

Free Business Card Template

Breaking News

Free Business Card Template

It's... Bold. Font-focussed. Contemporary.

Great For Writers, Marketers, Advertisers, Social Media Managers

Want a card that says who you are and what you do as quickly as possible? This is your card. With minimal design and a focus on font, this card is almost reminiscent of newspapers and headlines. But a clear font hierarchy and slick, capitalised letters keep it nice and contemporary. Perfect for those in advertising, marketing or communications, but also flexible enough for most purposes.

Free Business Card Template

Dark Horse

Free Business Card Template

It's... Slick. Minimal. Mysterious.

Great For Photographers, Designers, Managers (creative), Technology

Nothing screams ‘dark horse’ more than this business card. White and light-grey fonts contrast effectively with a dark charcoal-grey background – lending impact to its already minimal layout. However, with blending coloured checkers, this card suggests a little creativity or ‘out-the-box’ thinking, making it perfect for tech, design, or even management.

Free Business Card Template

English Vintage

Free Business Card Template

It's... Masculine. Playful. Eye-catching.

Great For Designers, Creatives, Start-ups, Casual Businesses

Want that retro vibe to be associated with your brand? This is the perfect card for you. Vintage-style fonts – bold, chunky all-caps and cursives – contrast with slim, modern fonts and a slick, clean layout. This card says ‘inspired by the past, living in the present’. As such, it’s perfect for creatives, start-ups, and (possibly) artisan brick-and-mortar businesses (I’m thinking…artisan beard grooming products. Yep!).

Free Business Card Template

Geometric Origami

Free Business Card Template

It's... Elegant. Geometric. Feminine.

Great For Bloggers, Designers, Photographers, Therapists, Creative Consultants

This card is a great example of geometry being used creatively. A red origami motif draws the eye to your name, and tasteful grey checkers add visual interest. With slick sans-serif fonts contrasting with cursive styles, this (slightly) feminine design is fantastic for creatives such as writers or photographers – or anyone in creative work (e.g. interior design or beauty).

Free Business Card Template

Polaroid Rainbow

Free Business Card Template

It's... Bright. Colourful. Impactful.

Great For Photographers, Designers, Creatives, Developers

With contrasting colours and dark background, this card creates a first impression of style, modern design, and mystery. As such, it’d be well suited to those working with people – in all creative industries.

Free Business Card Template

Typing Mad

Free Business Card Template

It's... Sharp. Metaphorical. Professional.

Great For Marketers, Entrepreneurs, Managers, Creatives

In a world of people and businesses, you stand out. That’s exactly what this card says, at least. With a visually-appealing ‘word matrix’ on the front and a clean, organised back, this card is a great leave-behind for a poignant, professional impression. While it’d be great for creatives, its refined look would work particularly well for those in advertising, marketing, or communication.

Free Business Card Template

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