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Selecting the Right Web Design Agency




When choosing between a few professional web design agencies, there are many things you don’t know to start with but what you do know is that you want a website. Here are some basics.

Checking them out

The first and most important thing to keep in mind is do you like what they do? There is no point in hiring a web design agency for creating your website when you don’t like their work. Most people find this difficult. There is a simple solution to this: ask for a link to their portfolio or previous projects. Make sure you know that their work is original; the last thing you’d want is to pay for a website and then later see the exact same web design used for yet another website.

Authentic work is important, inquiry only helps. If you find it difficult to make up your mind about it, this only means it’s time to move on to the next web agency. Asking them questions like “who are your competitors?” and “who’s your regular clientele” is within your rights


It's important to find out how they measure success. A visually appealing website is good but worthless if it doesn’t serve the purpose it is designed for. You should inquire about their core competency. The agency you select should excel in a few important aspects that make a website functional and adaptive to today’s needs, i.e. it should be an expert in inbound digital marketing as well as search optimisation.

Can you imagine a large website without the search feature? One would get lost! Also it should be designed to easily accommodate content. It is important that you have a content strategy but if you don’t have one, don’t be startled if the agency asks what yours is. It only means they are target oriented and are devoted to giving you exactly the kind of website you need.

Your Independence is key

It is important to ensure that you aren’t purchasing a proprietary Content Management System because that only means that from here on out, you will be tethered to them for as long as you use the system. The goal here is to stay independent. A good idea is to focus on open source systems such as Drupal and Wordpress.

Final Thoughts

Make sure you are getting the latest standards in the industry. You’re going to need a fast, mobile friendly, search optimised website that can compete in todays crowded environment. A good web design agency that provides you with all these things above and more will likely be the right agency choice for you.