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Web Design Agencies and the Trends They Are Following




Because of the technological era we are dwelling in, nothing can keep itself from getting into the phase of modification. Whether its cell phones, a social interaction platform, a watch; everything requires some innovation, so we as users can never even assume being struck by boredom.

Now what is it that makes anything look like an ultimate attention grabber? Obviously it’s the design. If it’s not cheerful enough, we wouldn’t get along with it, too playful and it might not relate well. Nothing works better than some well crafted designs to keep your audience engaged. Talking about technology and its advent, the form of design that, above all, has gained massive popularity is web design. Driven by technology, it is the most perfect example of ever changing trends according to the taste of the latest generation.

The reason for web design’s changing state is the enhancement of the browsers we use, alongside several other applications. Because everything is being squeezed to fit in the screens of our smartphones, every web design agency is working to make sure they do every bit of justice to cope with the changing trends in the technology.

So, what are the new trends that web designing agencies are following this year?

Trend 1: Material Design

Because Google’s Material Design is going through a major revolution since the past couple of years, we could say: they are in control! The reason is mainly because they are upgrading their design methods that fit right in their smartphone screens, going adjacent with the updates in gadgets and gizmos.

Trend 2: Illustrations over Photos

Since Adobe Illustrator has become "The Favourite" illustration tool to work on, and SVG’s scale perfectly to every device with no pixelation, pictures with bad proportions are a thing of the past.

Trend 3: Typography Will Take Over

Typography can explain written words, by just looking at them! How? Say, typography is the language of fonts that creates a visually powerful impact. So, using this tool, web designers will move towards typography to convey the messages of any brand. The never ending pool of fonts keeps on coming, for every font there is a language that can visually influence the mind.

Trend 4: Interactivity to Engage the User

One the the biggest trends this year is to keep the viewer engaged with the content. This can translate into interactive css animations, moving diagrams explaining an idea, or even subtle icons that change on hover; anything that engages the user and gives him a better experience goes!