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I Love Qatar

The online community that's helping to shape the future of Qatar's expat population


The Story:

I Love Qatar is a community dedicated to exposing expats to the many wonders Qatar has to offer, connecting them with each other in the process.

Our Brief:

Design and develop an easy-to-navigate website from scratch, in order to create an online source of local information and, importantly, support for I Love Qatar’s substantial community.

What We Achieved:

Created an extensive website in Drupal, with a substantial network of web pages to support the quantity of information and activities ILQ required. Focused on distinguishing content pages with bright, colourful designs and convenient navigation.

Website Design of I Love Qatar

The World’s Wealthiest Nation

Qatar is unlike any other country in existence. With only 13% of Qatar’s population of 2 million being native Qataris, the expatriate community is enormous – and growing.

Immersing expats in the boundless experiences Qatar has to offer…

I Love Qatar provides a vital hub of information and, most importantly, an online space for expats to share knowledge, socialise and connect with one another.

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Helping Qatar Grow

  1. Events Info

    Despite being a young country, Qatar is thriving, energetic, and full of culture. From sports events through to evening entertainment, we created a social-media compatible events page, including a responsive, colour-coded calendar.

  2. Classifieds Section

    Qatar is a place of wealth, there’s no doubt. Expats are provided with the convenience of a classified ad creator for just about anything imaginable, including cars, property and, even, pets.

  3. Weekly Videos

    We created a media hub for all things Qatar, ranging from I Love Qatar interviews, through to notable event footage and, even, famous celebrities around the world - such as Ed Sheeran - talking about their love of Qatar.

  4. Expat Forum

    The online community is I Love Qatar’s core. We created a responsive forum for Qatar’s expats to share stories, information and, most importantly, connect with one another in one of the fastest growing nations in the world.

“Shaping the future of Qatar's expat community”

With hundreds of thousands of unique visitors each month, I Love Qatar is truly impacting the community – one expat at a time. With 86% of the population being expats, they, in turn, are shaping the future of their country.

Responsive Web Design

Powered By Drupal

Highly flexible. Highly customisable. Drupal is a 100% open-source content management framework. Through Drupal’s thriving community of over 1,000,000 users and developers, sites like I Love Qatar are kept at the forefront of technological innovation and development.

User-Generated Content
I Love Qatar has always been driven by its community. That’s why – from custom events, to classifieds, to extensive forums – the Drupal-powered site allows users to dictate content, not the other way around.
Custom Modules
Each mobile-ready component of I Love Qatar’s website is highly responsive, SEO-friendly and, most importantly, carefully designed and developed with custom modules to suit ILQ’s individual needs.

Clients Feedback

We just wanted to say a HUGE THANK YOU to Full Bundle. It's been a real pleasure working on this over the last few months, and we did it! Massive congratulations on getting it finished on time, it's a real achievement and something to be incredibly proud of. I Love Qatar Team