Matcha tea

Matcha Me

A vibrant Australian brand that has love for Matcha at its core.


The Story:

Matcha Me was in search of an identity that represented its true core; Love for Matcha. Its mission is to bring premium Matcha powder direct from the farm in the Uji region of Kyoto Japan.

Our Brief:

Design a new brand that reflects a fresh and clean approach while keeping the main element "love for Matcha" at its heart.

What We Achieved:

Brand Design, Brand Guidelines and Packaging Design.

Matcha Me Tins Product Design

Label &

Delicious Matcha Tea

MatchaMe Matcha Tea Leaves MatchaMe Matcha Tea Plate MatchaMe Matcha Tea Whisk

Logo Concept

The logo showcases a green tea leaf with a heart in the middle made by negative space. This represents "Love for Matcha". The colour palette was originally based on the Matcha powder, its composed by two shades of green and used in combination with white or dark grey colour depending on the background.

Customized Font

Matcha Me needed something bespoke to make a big impact. For the typography we used Nevis Bold and modified the letters "M" and "A" to carry through the brand.


While working on the Brand Guidelines, we designed a pattern composed of the "leaf" shape in two shades of green. This pattern was used for the packaging design alongside with the Brand Icon on a contrasting background.

Matcha Me Branding Guidelines


HTML Color Codes
#383838 #6FB445 #028141 #E7E7E6 #FFFFFF

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Clients Feedback

When I first came to Full Bundle with my ideas, it was almost as if my project was like a disassembled puzzle. Daria was able to fulfil the creative requirements I had, and every time she revealed a new part to me, it was as if the puzzle slowly started to come together.

Daria's professional advice and her ability to offer some creative suggestions, took my project up a notch. The final result was exactly what I needed, and exceeded my original concepts!

Matcha Me Team