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Group Accommodation

Holiday Rental Accommodation for Large groups.


The Story:

Group Accommodation is an online platform focused on Holiday Rentals for large groups of 10+. With great tools like Holiday Focus and last minute deals you are sure to find the perfect place for your holiday.

Our Brief:

Redesign the existing website and create a modern coherent look across all devices, optimising usability and user experience of the website.

What We Achieved:

Website Design, Website Development and Brand coherence.

Group Accommodation Responsive web design

It's Holiday Time

Looking for the perfect Holiday Rental for a Big Group? This is the right platform for you. Group Accommodation has all the tools you need to find your dream destination. With specialist sections for Weddings, Business, and Youth holidays, there are places to be found for very occasion.

Find your destination on the go

We've designed this platform to be easy to use on every device, so you can find your perfect place on the go wherever you are.

Exciting Features

Holiday Focus

With well categorised properties by Occasion, Activity and Nature, its impossible not to find your perfect destination.

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Mobile Menu

We’ve designed an easy to navigate mobile menu that keeps all the important stuff at your fingertips with well-organised sections.

Property Page

The new property page design has a modern approach that showcases all the property features and information in a very clear and user-friendly manner.

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Holiday Search

Search by Location, Distance, or simply use the map to find the perfect destination for your next holiday.

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