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Market Fox

The financial web app that's revolutionising how college students learn about the stock market.


The Story:

Market Fox provides a visually engaging, entertaining way for students to learn about the stock market. Forsaking traditional whiteboard lectures, Market Fox uses engaging visuals, entertainment, and everything else to immerse Generation Z in the world of stock market trading.

Our Brief:

Create a visually appealing web application that simulates the stock market in real time, allowing students to trade, compete in tournaments, and gain an invaluable education about finance in the process.

What We Achieved:

Created a fully-responsive, modular, Drupal powered web app that simulated the stock market in real time. Features such as inter-college tournaments, live news, and teacher assignments were essential to a fun, engaging learning experience.

Market Fox Responsive web design

Revolutionising how we teach finance

With the help of trusty fox mascot Omaha, Market Fox is a pioneering force in educating college students on the world stock market. Each moment of the experience is designed to engage and immerse, down to the graphic display of stock market statistics.

“…an ounce of entertainment helps students retain a pound of knowledge.”

As an educational tool, Market Fox is helping to redefine the teaching methods of today. As a platform, Market Fox is introducing vital financial literacy in the generations of tomorrow.

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Tools of the Trade

  1. Live Stock Market Simulation

    Market Fox is more than a web app - it’s a real-time microcosm of the world stock market. Through a highly visual, engaging interface, students can follow stocks, trade, and place themselves in the shoes of real-life stock brokers.

  2. Sponsored Trading Tournaments

    There’s nothing quite like friendly competition to drive the learning process – whether it’s between classmates or colleges. Through an integrated tournament board, students can keep a track of each trader’s progress, take calculated risks or bold blunders, and build rival empires from the ground up.

  3. Integrated Market News

    From financial news articles to tweets from industry leaders, market news fully immerses users in the world of stocks and trading, keeping them up to date and educated on current events in the process.

  4. Dynamic, Responsive Platform

    Generation Z is always on the move. That’s why the Market Fox web app quickly adapts to any device – be it your desktop, laptop, phone or tablet. Designed and developed in Drupal, students can keep up with the immersive trading experience – wherever they go.

Responsive web design using Drupal

Clients Feedback

Full Bundle are an extremely diligent and dedicated team. They are a powerful duo that bring both front end design talent with back-end intellect.

While Daria works on some fantastic design elements that show her special palette and eye for the fetching, Oliver is able to code and write the intricate back-end formulas necessary to keep your site functional and new age.

They will not lead you wrong when it comes to making sure your needs are met, your desires are exceeded, and your dreams are achieved. At the end of the day it's really comforting knowing they are on your team!

Market Fox Team