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Heartfelt Books

The custom gift book company that's making gift-giving truly personal.


The Story:

Heartfelt Books offer their customers a unique spin on gift-giving; the ability to craft stunning, custom hardback books for their loved ones.

Our Brief:

Design and develop a sleek, responsive, mobile-friendly ecommerce website that supports a high level of customer interactivity for Heartfelt Book’s unique purposes.

What We Achieved:

Created an ecommerce website with a focus on the user experience. Through streamlined design and responsive web development, customers could choose the perfect quotes, words, colours and designs for their printed book, previewing it before purchasing in lightning speed.

Responsive web design viewed on mobile devices

For Heartfelt Gifts

Responsive iPad View of Heartfeltbooks

Sleek & Responsive

With a service so focused on creativity, ensuring the website was built around aesthetic design was paramount. The experience of crafting a personalised book should be a pleasure. The notion of an ‘effortless experience’ influenced all of our work.

“The process was very user friendly, customer service very responsive and the final product outstanding. A gift that will be cherished a lifetime. – Sharon N, Heartfelt Books Customer.
“What a great product! Not only does the site guide you through the process to create a very treasured present, it walks the creator through their own trip down memory lane. Thank you!” –Jack I, Heartfelt Books Customer

A Personal Touch

We strived to deliver an experience as personal as Heartfelt Book’s final product. Users could select from an extensive range of highly personalised options and parameters, turning what would’ve been a simple purchase into an immersive journey.

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Some Stats

  • 53%Increase

    Page Views

    With HFB's new look, customers just can't resist turning the page.

  • 58%Increase

    Book Sales

    The improved user experience has the books flying out the printer.

  • 60%Increase

    Mobile Views

    With responsive design, we've been able to target new mobile users.

  • 49%Increase

    Page Load Speed

    Our work has the site running a blazing twice as fast as before.

Key Features

  • Design & development of website in Wordpress
  • Custom book builder platform with powerful PDF generator
  • Responsive mobile-friendly design
  • Complete ecommerce functionality with bespoke WooCommerce integration
  • Extensive customer review process to ensure perfect products for loved ones
  • Multilingual and Multi-currency website to target international customers
  • Seemless Yotpo integration
  • Referral program for representatives & customers
  • Targeted questions based on the customers relationship and other variables to create a truly unique gift

Final Result

Heartfelt Books is driven by its user experience. From an intuitive, lightning-fast interface to aesthetic visual previews, we provided exactly that. Customers can create books that are bespoke in nearly every way imaginable. With Full Bundle’s help, Heartfelt Books continue to provide a unique gift-giving experience to their customers around the globe.