Event Dashboard

Event Dashboard

The future-proof event management app that helps engage, inform and connect event-goers – no matter where they are.


The Story:

The idea behind Event Dashboard is simple – offer a customized online space for event-goers where they can stay connected with their event through maps, social media, talk times, live polls, interactive texts, and more.

Our Brief:

As a film and events company, Richer View wanted to add another dimension to what they offer their clients. This included added communication, utility and convenience through a highly-customisable, adaptable web and mobile application that seamlessly guides users through their events.

What We Achieved:

A flexible web and mobile application that can be fully branded and adapted to suit each businesses’ needs individually. From individuals’ mobiles to the big screen at the event itself, carefully-chosen app features – including video, social media, in-built voting, event count-downs, and more – make everyone’s experience both more personal and convenient.

Event Dashboard App Preview

your event
as it happens

Live the Event - Live

From live countdowns for specific talks to engaging user polls through to integrated social media feeds, Event Dashboard allows event-goers to stay connected with what’s going on in real-time.

Guiding users through their events

With an in-built map and search function, users can find out exactly where their desired talks, presentations or conferences are – and when. Event Dashboard provides a reliable assistant to help guide event-goers through their event, ensuring no one gets lost or misses anything important in the process.


Event Dashboard creative graphic design

Top Widgets

  • Messages

    Keep everyone updated with the latest information.

  • Countdowns

    Engage event-goers with a live countdown to your event.

  • Weather Updates

    Make sure no one forgets their brolly with local live weather updates.

  • Venue Maps

    Help your guests get around your event with interactive maps.

Voting Widget Demo Venue Map Widget Demo
  • SMS Questions

    Event-goers can get fast responses by sending questions directly to the main screen.

  • Polls

    Hold visitor polls to get their thoughts and opinions of your event.

  • Event Sessions

    Keep your attendees informed with whats going on during the entire event.

  • Videos

    Integrate videos into your event dashboard to keep users engaged.

And many more, Check out the app for more detail.

You can find it in the IOS and Android App Stores.

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Making Events Truly Personal

In Event Dashboard, each bit of content can be customised. Companies can carefully select what they want their users to see at a specific time of the day. Social media and news feeds, event updates, maps – even videos – connect event-goers with the information and content that truly matter.

“It’s Event Dashboard’s adaptability in design, content and function that makes it truly future-proof.”

Content isn’t the only thing that can be customised. The app we created can be carefully-branded to each company. From integrated brand logos through to a carefully-selected colour scheme and more, brands can offer a truly personal experience that matches both their event and their very identity as a company.